The responsible choice for sustainable windows and doors

We are committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. When you choose windows and doors from us, you can be assured that all our timber comes from forests and woods that are farmed responsibly.

We recycle as much of our waste as possible and only work with suppliers who have the same values as us. This ensures that our supply chain is environmentally responsible. Our suppliers are proactive in their approach to minimising production waste and to recycle as much as possible.

The environmentally friendly material

Wooden windows are the most sustainable and responsible choice for your home. As a naturally occurring material the process to make and recycle them does not damage the planet. Due to their high durability, less windows are needed in the long run.

All the timber used for our products are Forest Stewardship Council certified. This ensures that once harvested, trees are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. An FSC forest must be assessed to consider social, economic and environmental factors.

Pioneering timber technology

We use a range of soft and hardwoods with differing levels of durability and appearances to appeal to all homeowners. We also offer the innovative accoya wood. This offers the highest level of durability as well as being highly sustainable. Using acetylated technology, it provides superior performance without any unnatural chemicals being added. Only the fastest growing or most abundantly available species are used to prevent deforestation. Choosing this wood species for your windows and doors is the environmentally friendly choice.

Oracle Window Solutions are the environmentally friendly name you can trust to create beautiful sustainable windows and doors.